Monday, 21 February 2011

Re-visiting the Hairdresser

Honestly there are days when I wish I was a living mannequin, sometimes I want to unscrew my head give it to someone else to make my hair and screw it back on, this is how I felt last week. I was determined to make my own twists but as the day flew by, I started buying into the idea, well not screwing my head off, but letting someone else make mini-twists for me.

That's how I met the hairdresser, known to me in typical African fashion as "auntie". She was bubbly, enthusiastic and most of all happy to see my hair. She loved making my hair, no harsh pulling, no relaxer offered, she asked me what I wanted and gave me exactly that.

I felt happy that someone loved my hair the way it was, its been quite sometime since I had that feeling and comfort that my hair was in good hands, I'm grateful for this small blessing, it's good to know there's someone close by who can help me get the look I want for a reasonable price, with no fuss. I like the DIY but if I had a choice I wouldn't DIY! I hope to visit again in two weeks time for a deep treatment and a more interesting style.

So back to the twists, they were ok, but men in the morning I wasn't feeling it at all. All I kept thinking was, God please help me turn this into something nice. I didn't want to have to resort to a twsitout, which I didn't have time for and after all that money? Just to keep it in for one night, my blood was boiling hot in my chest.

Well, after agonizing for a considerable amount of time, and making my head a sea of bobby pins I came up with this look:


If this style could talk, I bet this do will be saying "at last", perseverance pays. This journey is taking an unbelievable amount of gut, obsession, patience and commitment, but the rewards make all the effort worth it.

This week I used:

The last of a V05 conditioner I had for a co-wash and used Kinky Coily Leave-in and a mix of my favorite oils.

How are you wearing your hair this week?


  1. Lovely twists sis!! I am wearing mini twists too which I put in last week and hope to keep till the end of the month.

  2. Thanks Tinuke! I'm not planning to keep mine in that long, I'm trying to hold out for two weeks but we'll see what happens