Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Not a Lye in Sight......

Sitting there in the salon, Bobby watching nervously as I touched and touched the amazing long locks of the guy have his routine loc maintenance, Naaman making comb coils for another guy, a girl re-locking her fiery red-dyed locs, another girl getting two strand twists, and another braiding her shoulder length natural hair, a guy waiting to undo his two-strand twists, a mum getting her locs washed, another girl getting two strand twists, I looked around and there was no lye, I must have been in fro heaven..............thanks Purely Natural for giving me a truly natural experience.

Comb Free Styles

Its day 4 and I can't believe my comb coils are still holding strong, I'm so proud of you my lovely hair. Although I've been secretly wishing to stick the comb in and pick my fro, I'm glad I haven't because my scalp was suffering from excessive combing and I can't afford to lose any new growth, so this maybe the start of a new weekly routine, it will be nice to find more home-made comb free styles to rock on my fro as a weekly salon trip will set me back more than £100.00 a month. Here're some snapshots of my coils:

This shot is from day 2, and the next one is from yesterday.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Why Natural???

Simples, thats what my hair is, no amount of relaxers will ever make me permanently straight, period. There are many reasons why Black women opt to relax or use weaves on their hair, but for me it was something I wanted since I was young and have continued to do until recently without taking note on the adverse effects it has on my hair and life. Where all this desire to be straight came from only God knows, some say its a need to confirm to western/media standard of beauty, others say its because black people hate their hair and complexion so much.

Well this is how God made me and I'm gonna rock it to the max and then some more. I decided to cut all my relaxed hair off and grow out naturally from the scratch, this is all about me. many kinky babes have opted for a gradual transition to natural but I just couldn't wait that long, I needed to see and feel and play with my kinks. Having relaxed hair is a choice not a necessity, and I've chosen to be nappy and happy, okay!

Check out my video on my progess so far on youtube: Gone Natural

Monday, 16 August 2010

I've got Curlssssssssssssssss

I just discovered my curls, I've got curls, wow wow wow. Eco styler gel here I come, time to unleash some wild s-curl bangers.

10 Things

Ten things I love about my fro..

1. My fro is unique, no one else has a fro like me or will ever have a fro like me.
2. Its attitude, no messing about, wild, refuses to be tamed
3. Its versatility, can do so many styles, name it twa, slick back, bun...
4. The fierce look it gives to my eyes
5. My wild s-curls, just discovered 'em
6. Makes me look super super sexy
7. The way it stands on my scalp like hands lifted up praising God!
8.The way it sits on my face
9. It knocks off 10 years off my face like a magic elixir
10.What else can I say its absolutely fab.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


It has been a really interesting week, my confidence has soared since getting my fro, believe it or not my hair is growing like wildfire. I tried to make finger/comb coils, they came out well but I was quickly overwhelmed by my full head of hair, pity the women who've had to braid my hair over the years.
I heard the old story of other black women's opinion about our hair being unmanageable, such a pity, and I've made it my mission to provoke them to envious envy, a long way to go but hopefully I can turn one.
Anyway, I had a big meeting at work today, I felt my power puff fro was well received, I felt super confident most importantly. One thing I need to do now is match my wardrobe to my funky fro, so I'll be hitting the shops this weekend, God save the bank!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tracie Mae Challenge

I started the Tracie Mae challenge on the day of my BC (04/08/2010) and today is day 4, believe it or not my hair feels like its sprung up from my scalp over night. Today I co-washed using Trevor Sorbie's beautiful curls conditioner, which worked wonders for my hair, followed my two table spoons of ACV as a leave-in. I let my hair dry naturally and applied a home made mix of olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter, the results was fabulous. My hair stayed moisturized all day and I can't keep my fingers out of it, lol.