Friday, 10 September 2010

New do: Update

So, I had my hair braided into kinky twists last weekend, I loved the new look but in my heart I wasn't trilled with the extra length from the extensions. Its still a lot shorter than braids I've had in the past, but a lot longer than my tresses.

To cut the long story short, I miss my hair, I've missed touching and discovering it, I know the twist have kept my ends protected and I've moisturized and wetted as often as I needed to, retained more moisture,but I just miss my hair. I've not taken any photos of this new do which I've had for a week now and I've been uninspired to do so, I will try to take one for record purpose, but I think going forward I'm going to try to doing two strand twists or other styles to suit my hair. Will post pictures of my hair before and after I taked my braids out. Now all I need is a good DC to pamper my tresses this weekend, any takers?

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