Friday, 8 October 2010

Henna Deep Treatment

I'm doing a henna deep treatment this weekend, so I thought I'll do a bit of research on the web about the benefits and I stumbled on Henna For Hair. It has plenty of information about henna; what it is, how it works on different hair types and colours and most importantly for me is how to mix to achieve the desired results.

Henan works by releasing Lawsone into the hair shaft when applied as a paste.

The term dye is relative as natural henna will produce results relative to the colour of your natural hair. So blonde hair will appear red after an application while dark hair will sometimes come out even darker or have a tint of red colour in the sunlight. Also henna has been known to elongate the curl pattern and make hair feel heavier, this is down to the additional molecules that binds itself to the hair shaft during application.Natural henna can be applied as often as necessary as it is chemical free.

What I would like to achieve using henna as a deep treatment is to get thicker and fuller hair, more shine, and retain length. I bought my henna from buy whole foods online uk, 500 grams only cost £4.93 and this should last for about five weeks as I plan to apply weekly.

This is how I plan to mix my henna following recommendations from  Henna For Hair:

100g of natural henna powder
1 bag of green tea diffused boiling water
lemon juice

The honey is from Curly Nikki's Henna tutorial and more mixes can be found here

Have you used henna as a deep treatment before? What was your experience? Any tips/tricks for me?

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