Thursday, 12 August 2010


It has been a really interesting week, my confidence has soared since getting my fro, believe it or not my hair is growing like wildfire. I tried to make finger/comb coils, they came out well but I was quickly overwhelmed by my full head of hair, pity the women who've had to braid my hair over the years.
I heard the old story of other black women's opinion about our hair being unmanageable, such a pity, and I've made it my mission to provoke them to envious envy, a long way to go but hopefully I can turn one.
Anyway, I had a big meeting at work today, I felt my power puff fro was well received, I felt super confident most importantly. One thing I need to do now is match my wardrobe to my funky fro, so I'll be hitting the shops this weekend, God save the bank!

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