Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mummy Put The Perm in My Hair

I've been reading a few bogs today and couldn't help noticing all the fingers pointing at dear mum. Mum who with the best of intentions took me to the salon after all my crave for permed hair, mum who finally decided I was old enough to get a relaxer, mum who paid for the perm, mum slaving with the flat iron to create that sleek becomes the bad guy.

Yes we're all saying mummy put the perm in my hair, but let's give mum a break, it was all out of love and for all the right reasons, we're all in the same maze or we once were. Some/Most of our mums still relax and re-touch every so often, but let’s remember as we re-discover our hair to love everyone regardless of how they chose to wear their hair because it's just hair. 

I wear my hair the way I do because other young women have encouraged  and inspired me to explore this unique aspect of my identity. It's not a fashion statement or a fad; I'm loving being this way. Some might think its crazy or bush, but I'm too in love with me to notice or care.

My hair might not be awe-inspiring for all but it's a blooming marvelous part of me, I hope mum will not feel too old to make this change someday, I love her anyway. Now that we're all strong and confident women I hope we can all give our mums an experience richer and more rewarding than getting a perm - the gift of being natural.

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